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astrological gems.

Living minerals’ unique effects


and mental strength

work capacity


immune system

Living gemstones design


A pendant is designed to release tension. It helps remove inner pressure, fatigue, heavy feeling in head and body. It balances emotions. The pendant gem worn on the chest improves understanding in relationships, gives ability to associate better, and harmonizes perception of the world.


Navaratna tones up and protects. It increases work capacity, removes fear from the heart and gives positive attitude. Having protective effect, Navaratna makes one’s aura impenetrable. It is very good for leaders and for those who work with people much and have high sensitivity.


Earrings help release tension. Affecting the area of the head, they improve cerebral circulation, increase work capacity, and calm one down. Earrings also help improve relationships with people.

Harmony beads have a prominent tonic effect. They improve focus, increase work capacity, and strengthen immune system. They help overcome stressful situations easily and mobilize one’s psyche. Harmony beads are recommended to people who work much and make fast decisions.
Harmony beads are recommended to weak children with little interest in life, tendency to cry much, and inactive lifestyle. The beads make children with poor appetite and long history of viral diseases better. They also make one more active and boost immune system.
Mono beads have a relaxing and tranquillizing effect by releasing pressure and excess tension of the nervous system. The beads are good for people with sensitive nervous system. They harmonize psyche, improve one’s mood and make one more positive in life. They are helpful in cases of hypertension.
Mono beads are recommended to sensitive hyperactive children who have trouble focusing. The beads have a calming effect, making children more focused and obedient. They also help children sleep better.

Orlovskaya Ekaterina

I got very pretty neck beads. They are individual for everyone.

The first thing I felt after putting them on was an amazing surge of energy. I felt so well and even happy. My mood got better.

Thank you very much.


I found out about gems from my friends who had attended Blagost Festival before. And I wanted to try it very badly too. How do they work, what miraculous properties do they have? I finally got an opportunity to try it on Blagost Festival in the fall of 2013. I had gems selected for me to have more strength and inner resources. I wanted to do more, to create more.

At first there was a regress. But time passed and I still believed that the gems would start to work. And in a couple of months I saw results. My hopes were justified. I got strength to get up earlier in the morning. I got force of will to practice each morning. Bad habits gradually left. Herpes started to ease; it became less painful and its structure and properties different. I am very grateful to Dt. Torsunov for his methods and research.

Elena Klimanova
Nizhnii Tagil

I constantly attend Blagost Festivals. I have seen many times people get treated, I have seen Dr. Torsunov help them successfully. I got neck beads, I have been wearing them for 6 months and I feel much better now. I had health problems, but at this moment I can say that there is no discomfort or worsening of my condition at all. Even my mood is better, I am better in general.

I am very grateful to Dr. Torsunov for improving health of so many people. It is really invaluable, because this new method uses no chemical medicines and is absolutely unique. I thank Dr. Torsunov and his team.


A white coral was selected for me at the Blagost Festival of October, 2013. It was supposed to help with my weakness, apathy and poor condition in general.

At that moment I had a 6-months old baby and was quite exhausted as any new mother. After I started to wear the gem I had some surge of strength. I felt I had enough strength to cope with everything.

The second wholesome effect of this gem, as Dr. Torsunov told me, was on lactation. My child is a year and a half now I have milk in abundance.

My life is changing for the better, and everyone is moving towards the mode of goodness.


I learned about crystal therapy from Dr. Torsunov’s lectures. I learned that he selected gemstones to resolve health problems. During my visit to the Health Center I decided to get neck beads.

I feel much great help and support from my neck beads, especially on the days of mood swings and emotional instability. I feel that the neck beads work well. I feel support and I am much calmer. It has become easier to take some difficult emotional situations. So I am very satisfied that I have got the neck beads.


I had neck beads selected at Dr. Torsunov’s Health Center to harmonize my condition. I came with the following problems: my work requires traveling across time zones, and I had some hormonal disorders, headaches, and, well, states of mental instability. I have been wearing neck beads of four gemstones for a week now, they influence four planets, the Sun, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu.

I felt the effect almost at once. I feel like some sun. I want to do something good, my mood gets better each day. I hope that this effect will increase further. I am very grateful to you.

Olga Sheyn
St. Petersburg

In May, 2013 Dr. Torsunov selected minerals for me. I was troubled by headaches. I was 8-months pregnant and my hemoglobin level was very low. Doctors insisted on hospitalization. I had garnets applied. In some week time hemoglobin levels went up and headaches were gone. I have been wearing the gemstones for a year and a half now. I did not need hospitalization.

We had a wonderful baby. Hemoglobin is fine. I wear the rings all the time, I only take them off for the night.

My husband also wears minerals selected by Dr. Torsunov. We are very grateful and obliged for such support in our life.

ЗSvetlana Zaytseva

I had neck beads and rings selected for me individually. It has been three months, and first of all I feel psychical force.

I was depressed for a long time, I saw no point in living. But wearing rings and neck beads returned taste of life to me. I want to live, I want to be joyful with life! I am very grateful to Oleg Gennadyevich for help.

I want to work on myself, I want to self-improve! I see point in living.

ОSergey Orlovskii

Four days ago Oleg Gennadyevich selected neck beads for me. As my Mars is very strong, I got red coral. I felt its influence on the very first evening. It harmonizes my activity and irascibility, and helps much in difficult situations.

In general neck beads are meant to harmonize and lower negative influence of certain planets. That is what I experience.

9 steps to Gems’ Energy


Gemstones work even if you do not believe in crystal therapy


Living gemstones are brought from Jaypur, India. It is our biggest supplier.

Gemstones have healing properties and harmonize one’s psychological state.

Crystal therapy is a unique method developed by Doctor of Medicine Oleg Torsunov.

L. Ubaeva

I came to the Blagost Festival from Astana and my first order of business was crystal therapy, because I really believe in gems’ influence on body. A garnet was selected for me.

Before I used to feel cold all the time, my limbs were especially cold, I wore woolen socks to bed practically every night. I had always been terribly cold, and it had been hard on me. But after five days at the Festival I really started to feel warm, I experienced gem’s influence. I have not worn socks in four days, I even put light shoes on. And my hands are also warm. It is true, it is what I felt in such a short time. Thank you.

Alexander Kamilov

This is my first time at the Festival, and I had gemstone neck beads selected for me at once.

I heard about healing properties of gemstones from the lectures of Dr. Torsunov. I have always been curious how they worked, if they really worked at all. It has been five days since I got the neck beads and I can say that I feel some changes.

My friends and relatives tell me that I have become calmer and I can feel it myself. I would like to express big gratitude to Dr. Torsunov and his team for selecting these gemstone neck beads for me and for all the work that they do. I would also like to thank all Festival participants.

Vladimir Zhdanov

I got acquainted with Dr. Oleg Gennadyevich Torsunov with the help of my wife Margarita Nikolaevna, who had serious health problems. He practically saved her from disability, and for that I am extremely grateful to him.

When I came to the Health Center, Dr. Torsunov asked me about my problems. My left thigh started to go numb a little and my left kidney was sensitive. It hurt. He checked me carefully and then I had gemstones and bark selected for me. Frankly speaking, like any other normal professor, I am quite skeptical about everything, but to my surprise, my thigh no longer goes numb. And my kidney hurts no more.

Alexey Golovin

I have known Dr. Torsunov’s methods for over 10 years. I tried them on different stages, and my mother and my sons also did.

Personally I felt a strong astrological effect. I had a difficult period and Dr. Torsunov selected gemstones for me. Negative influence of planets was lessened.

My mother also wore gemstones (she had woman’s health issues and was supposed to have surgery). Thanks to the treatment methods of Dr. Torsunov surgery was cancelled and my mother was cured. Thus my mother experienced the treatment effect.

, Yuzhno-Sahalinsk

I used to have problems with communication, female qualities (like attractiveness, softness), and focus, so I felt the need to try crystal therapy first hand. Emerald was the first gem selected for me and I felt that communication was easy for me, it could find understanding with people. Next I got a gem for Jupiter to improve focus. It became easier for me to study, my mind was more focused and anxiety left. Gems selected for Venus made me feel light. To sum up, with gems I saw changes in my life. It affected greatly my general wellbeing and my energy. I am wearing gems constantly now and I am very satisfied. My close people also noticed changes. Of course they did not attribute it to gems, but I told them.

Lugansk, Ukrain

I had sleep disruption for over 10 years, I could not fall asleep, it was melatonin secretion disorder (hormone of sleep). I took strong sleeping pills and hormones.

Insomnia means that a person wants to sleep but he cannot. When I drove Dr. Torsunov to the Blagost Festival he promised to cure me. The very day I got a gemstone I fell asleep well in the evening. I slept as a baby, the last time I had it was when I did not want to get up to school. To be exact I have not slept so well since school. I am very grateful. Thank you.

Olesya Vasilyeva

Dr. Torsunov selected gemstone neck beads for me in May, 2014. I felt real results, firstly in my psychological condition. I had less negative reactions, there were calmness and peace. My close people also noticed it. And that is the most important thing in my opinion. That was my biggest problem, and gradually it was resolved. And it really shows, it really does. I recommend it to everyone.

Vladimir Sleptsov
a world traveling monk

In the beginning I did not understand the influence of gemstones on my mind. I wore them because my spiritual mentor had told me that I needed it, that it was helpful as I travel and fly much (20 flights in 40 days).

I knew, believed that gemstones work and help me restore. When I get off a plane, just 3 or 4 hours later I am well again. I know that gemstones work.

Vladislav (and his wife)
Nurnberg, Germany

I heard from Dr. Oleg Torsunov of his amazing methods of treatment. My wife and I decided to come. My wife came for treatment with a severe hormonal disruption and digestive allergies. She was prescribed not just crystal therapy, but comprehensive treatment. Individually selected diet, herbal mix, spices mix that improve digestion. We were told that hormonal disruption was one of the most common problems. Such honesty made me glad. We left the Health Center with a surprise, four month pregnancy. I would like to point out that doctors said that it was impossible to get pregnant with hormone levels like my wife’s. But miracles happen. Big thanks to Dr. Torsunov for his unique methods and to the whole team. Everyone works hard and treats you with heart.

Dmitriy Isaev

It makes no sense to expect quick results from treatment in the mode of goodness. It enters your life slowly and inconspicuously and stays there. It changes your character gently and gradually. It changes your attitude to life with planets’ help. All these gemstones are connected to planets, planetary work takes place. Softly, gently, subtly you change for the better. Trust me, it is worth it!

We change for the better, your attitude improves, and our illnesses go. An illness does not appear out of nowhere and it does not go into nowhere. You stop thinking about yourself as an ill being. Instead you start thinking that you are a happy living being that neither is born nor dies.

Eugenia Astahova
St. Petersburg

The most valuable and at the same time invaluable things in this world are health and beauty.

Neck beads carefully selected for me by Dr. Torsunov and his students Artem and Alexey became a symbol of cooperation, concord and work.

Dear Oleg Gennadyevich and festival participants, I thank you with all my heart for my wellbeing in all aspects. Take care of people close to you. I wish you inspiration and good results in your work.


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